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Before You Say Something You May Regret . . .

She hadn’t prepared. Everyone else arrived that Monday night at the drama rehearsal with their lines memorized, ready to dive in. But she constantly flubbed her words, went blank, and essentially wasted our time. I could tell the cast and … Continue reading

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How God Uses Entitled, Spoiled, Judgmental, Spiteful People (Or: So That’s the Story of Jonah)

Quick: What’s the miracle in the story of Jonah? If you answered that he was swallowed by a whale, spit up three days later, and survived to tell the story, then you are . . . incorrect, but thanks for … Continue reading

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10 Commandments of Dating—the Old Fashioned Way

Thou shalt not stay out after eleven with a person of the opposite sex, for nothing good happens. Thou shalt also be aware and careful of how much alone time you spend with a member of the opposite sex, for … Continue reading

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