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I'm on a journey to awaken my soul and embrace joy in every moment. I don't always succeed, but I learn from the adventure of the pursuit. I love a good laugh, a ready smile, a dog's smooch, great food (vegetarian, thanks), growing faith, and remembering that love is all-powerful.

Privacy Policy

Author Nike Chillemi posted this, specific to her, and agreed to let me copy and paste. Europe recently passed legislation that requires blogs, newsletters, websites, ecommerce stores, and other businesses to make their privacy policy clear. In keeping with this legislation, please … Continue reading

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Before You Say Something You May Regret . . .

She hadn’t prepared. Everyone else arrived that Monday night at the drama rehearsal with their lines memorized, ready to dive in. But she constantly flubbed her words, went blank, and essentially wasted our time. I could tell the cast and … Continue reading

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A Chat with Author Dawna Hetzler on Living and Loving Freely

When we place walls around our hearts to protect ourselves, it actually keeps us from doing the very things we most desire: to love and live freely. But tearing them down is no easy task, and often we need help—something … Continue reading

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God Is Not a God of Second Chances—and the Clouds Prove It

This summer my husband, Scott, and I have taken a profound interest in clouds. We’ve had the most stunning skies this year. Beautiful puffy, fluffy, billowy, white clouds or cottony swishes splashed across the sky that reflect brilliant sunbeams behind … Continue reading

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How Heeding One Teacher’s Words Changed the Course of My Life

To celebrate teachers at the beginning of a new school year—and before they’ve become glazed over and can no longer appreciate my gratitude, articulate a coherent thought, or participate in a compassionate action because their students have shoved those abilities … Continue reading

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Why We Need More Couples Celebrating Their 50th Anniversary

It was a simple affair. No formal invitations. No huge bridal party. Just an announcement after the Sunday morning church service that John McFarland and Genny Cheek were getting married. Anyone who wanted to stay for the wedding was welcome. … Continue reading

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How God Uses Entitled, Spoiled, Judgmental, Spiteful People (Or: So That’s the Story of Jonah)

Quick: What’s the miracle in the story of Jonah? If you answered that he was swallowed by a whale, spit up three days later, and survived to tell the story, then you are . . . incorrect, but thanks for … Continue reading

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